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Imipramine Synthetic drug introduced into medicine in the 1960s, and considered among the most effective antidepressant drugs known. Imipramine was the first antidepres-sant drug of its kind (called tricyclic antide-pressants because the molecular structure is based upon a system of three rings). It was studied as an antischizophrenic tranquillizer before its use to treat mental depression. It is usually administered orally but may be given by intramuscular injection. Imipramine and closely related tricyclic antidepressant drugs are called dibenzazepines or dibenzazepine derivatives. Other dibenzazepines and derivatives in use are amitriptyline, des-methylimipramine (desipramine), nortrip-tyline, and protriptyline. Immenoctal Secobarbital. Immenox Secobarbital sodium. Immobilon Etorphine hydrochloride. Immortelle Dried parts of the plant Heli-chrysum foetidum. Traditionally smoked by warriors of the Zulus in South Africa to induce trance. The active substances are not scientifically studied.

Immenoctal Secobarbital sodium. Imorfan Hydromorphone hydrochloride. Impaired Colloquial term for term applied to a person whose capabilities for effectively carrying out a job (or life) have purportedly been diminished by alcohol, drugs, age or mental illness - has become a pejorative term attached to addicted persons whether their functions have become impaired or not, e.g., 'impaired' physicians.

Impaired control See Control, impaired. Impata Finnish colloquial term for sniffing paint thinner.

Imperial Group Leading British manufacturer of tobacco products, including Player and Embassy cigarettes, Wilson's snuff, and several brands of cigars. Its other products included beer, prepared foods, and packaging. Corporate headquarters are in London. Impfen German colloquial term for adding opium to hashish. Import Colloquial term for crack. Impotence Inhibited sexual excitement in a man during sexual activity that, despite an unaffected desire for sex, results in inability to attain or maintain a penile erection. Impotence can result from psychological factors (performance anxiety or fear of abandonment or unwanted pregnancy), sociocultural factors (negative sexual attitudes or religious beliefs) or, less frequently, physical causes such as hormonal abnormalities, drug abuse and alcoholism. Treatment of impotence depends on the underlying cause. Many drugs are used as aphrodisiaca. Central stimulants lika amfeta-mine and cocaine initially acts as sexual stimulants but can have the adverse effect in long time use.

Imppaaja Finnish colloquial term for a sniffer.

Impronal Methylphenobarbital. Imshi Opium. Imsomnium Triazolam. In 1. Colloquial term for being high on marijuana. 2. Colloquial term for being connected with drug suppliers.

In Search of a Lost Chord Title of Moody Blues (rock group) album eulogizing Timothy Leary, who, although not deceased, had been convicted, imprisoned, and after escaping was a fugitive in Algeria and Afghanistan - "Timothy Leary's dead. he's on the outside, looking in".

In Transit German colloquial term for being high on LSD.

In a jam Colloquial term for being wanted. In action Colloquial term for being busy with the sale of drugs.

In die Kiste gehen German colloquial term for being arrested.

In die Kiste sehen German colloquial term for being arrested.

In die Kiste springen German colloquial term for a drug overdose. In high Colloquial term for being high on drugs.

In his cups Colloquial term for being drunk, presumably very intoxicated. In need Colloquial term for would you like to get some drugs (e.g., are you in need). In orbit 1. Colloquial term for being high on hallucinogens. 2. Colloquial term for being high on stimulants. 3. Colloquial term for being high on heroin.

In paper Colloquial term for method of smuggling drugs into prison by slitting a postcard and placing drugs between the paper layers.

In pocket Colloquial term for being in possession of drugs.

In sein 1. German colloquial term for living according to the rules of the drug scene. 2. German colloquial term for being high on drugs.

In shape Colloquial term for being in possession of drugs.

In the arms of Mr. Morpheus Colloquial term for being addicted to morphine. In the box Colloquial term for being in prison.

In the cooler Colloquial term for being in prison.

In the highest clouds Colloquial term for being under the influence of a stimulant, especially crystal metamfetamines. In the mick Colloquial term for being in prison.

In the nick Colloquial term for being in prison.

In the pokey Colloquial term for being in prison.

In, to be 1. Colloquial term for participating in the drug scene. 2. Colloquial term for participating in a drug deal. Inability to abstain A form of impaired control over the use of a substance. such that there is an inability or unwillingness to refrain from substance use. As used in Jellinek's 1960 formulation, this is one of two forms of loss of control. the other being inability to stop once started. See also: Jellinek's typology. Inado e ebengabanga Tabernanthe iboga. containing the stimulant ibogaine. Inalgeno Phenobarbital. Inalgon Phenobarbital or Phenobarbital sodium.

Inaola a ikakusa Tabernanthe iboga. containing the stimulant ibogaine. Inapetyl Benzfetamine hydrochloride. Inap├ętyl Benzfetamine hydrochloride. Inbetweens 1. Colloquial term for a depressant. 2. Colloquial term for amfetamine. Inca Tea, Health Tea from Peru with coca leaves added.

Inca message Colloquial term for cocaine. Incense 1. Colloquial term for marijuana. 2. Colloquial term for butyl nitrite (an inhalant disguised as a room odorizer). 3. Colloquial term for fragrant substance to be burned to cover the odor of marijuana. Incense tree Boswellia sacra. Incentive Colloquial term for cocaine. Incienso verde Artemisia mexicana. Incimsi kapilar Turkish colloquial term for LSD.

Incoordination Lack of coordination, especially a lack of normal voluntary and harmonious control of muscular movement. A common effect in drug overdoses. Indalgin Ethylmorphine. Indian Colloquial term for a college drinking game.

Indian Hemp Drugs Commision British investigation commission that in the end of last century investigated the use of cannabis, especially the us of bhang in India. The final report was published 1894 in 10 volumes and is the most complete description of cannabis and its effects. The commission made the conclusion that a criminalisation of the use of cannabis in India was unrealistic because the use where so extensive and integrated in cultural habits. The harmful effects where limited in moderate use. Instead the Commision recommended a taxation system for cannabis. Indian aconite Aconitum ferox. Indian bay Colloquial term for marijuana. Indian boy Colloquial term for marijuana. Indian cannabis Colloquial term for marijuana.

Indian hat Colloquial term for marijuana. Indian hay Colloquial term for marijuana from India.

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