How do you like me now Colloquial

term for crack.

Hows Colloquial term for marijuana. Hoy Norwegian colloquial term for being high on drugs. HR 376 Clobazam. HR 458 Loprazolam. HR 4723 Clobazam. HR-158 Lorazepam. HRN Colloquial term for heroin. Huaca 1. Brugmansia sanguinea. 2. Colloquial term for cache (of drugs or other). Huacacachu Floripondo. Huachuma San Pedro. Huachumo San Pedro. Huallaga valley Valley in Peru and reship-ment center for coca-paste from different parts of South-America to the cocaine laboratories in Colombia.

Huama Brugmansia candida.

Huan-mei Turbina corymbosa. See: Ololiu-


Huan-men-ha-sey Turbina corymbosa. See: Ololiugui. Huandauj Floripondo. Huando hermoso San Pedro. Huanduc Brugmansia suaveolens. Huanduj Brugmanisa insignis. Huangana huasca Tanaecium nocturnum. See: Koribo.

Huanto 1. Floripondo. 2. Brugmansia arborea.

Huanuco Bolivian coca Erythroxylum coca, the most commonly cultivated coca shrub. Huapa Virola.

Huarhuar Brugmansia arborea.

Huatari Colloquial term for mescaline.

Huatary Colloquial term for mescaline.

Huato de marihuana Colloquial term for a marijuana cigarette.

Huayabo Psidium guajava.

Hubacodid Hydrocodone.

Hubba Colloquial term for crack.

Hubba pigeon Colloquial term for crack user looking for rocks on a floor after a police raid.

Hubba, I am back Colloquial term for crack.

Hubbas Colloquial term for crack. Hubble-bubble Collloquial term for a hookah.

Hubbly bubbly Danish colloquial term for a water pipe for smoking hashish.

Huberple Chlordiazepoxide.

Huberplex Chlordiazepoxide or Chlordi-

azepoxide hydrochloride.

Huberplex 10 Chlordiazepoxide hydrochlo-


Huberplex 25 Chlordiazepoxide hydrochlo-


Huberplex 5 Chlordiazepoxide hydrochlo-ride.

Huecos 1. Colloquial term for holes.

2. Colloquial term for outlets for sale of coca paste.

3. Colloquial term for coca paste vendors (often runaway children).

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