Haschaichi Hashish

Haschen German colloquial term for taking hashish.

Hascher German colloquial term for a hashish user.

Hascher- und Fixer-Treff German colloquial term for a meeting of persons who smoke hashish or inject drugs. Haschich Hashish.

Haschichins French term for hashish-users. Haschisch Hashish.

Haschisch cake 1. Hashish pressed together in a flat cake for smuggling. 2. Pastry baked with hashish.

Haschisch museum Museum in Amsterdam founded 1993. A similar museum was 1996 opened in Berlin. Haschisch oil Hashish oil. Haschisch psychosis See: Cannabis. Haschpfeife German term for a pipe for smoking hashish.

Haschpäckchen German colloquial term for a packet with hashish.

Haschraucher German colloquial term for a person who smokes hashish. Haschrebellen German colloquial term coined in 1969 by a group called "Zentralrat der umherschwefenden Haschrebellen" who protested in Berlin 1969 against the drug laws. Haschwiese German colloquial term for the drug scene in Frankfurt at the Bockenheimer anlage.

Hascise Hashish. Hash Hashish.

Hash Bash A pro-marijuana "convention" held annually in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA to promote marijuana legalization, and party. Hash cannon Colloquial term for a pipe for smoking hashish.

Hash cookie Cookie baked with hashish or marijuana.

Hash express Colloquial term for the train Orient express between Istanbul and Munich. Hash head Colloquial term for person who frequently uses hashish, and who appears to be unable to stop using it for an extended period of time. Hash oil Hashish oil. Hash-olie Colloquial term for hashish oil. Hashache Hashish.

Hashaholic Colloquial term for person who frequently uses hashish, and who appears to be unable to stop using for an extended period of time.

Hashas Hashish.

Hashbury Colloquial term for Haight Ash-bury.

Hasheesh Hashish. Hashi Hashish. Hashis Hashish. Hashisch Hashish.

Hashish Natural product under international control according to the UN Single Convention 1961 and its amendments, Schedule I. Defined as the separated resin, whether crude or purified, obtained from the cannabis plant. In the convention hashish is named Cannabis resin, hashish is though the term that is normally used.

The resin comes from the flowering tops and female parts of the hemp plants Cannabis sativa. that has been pressed together in in bricks or lumps varying from yellow, brown an black. Hashish is smoked in cigarettes or pipes often mixed with tobacco. THC-content usually 8-15 per cent depending on the quality of the plant material and the adulterants. Hashish is often adulterated and colored black to give impression of being of high quality. Common adulterants are henna, liquorice, common grass, flour, camel or donkey dung. More loosely, in Arabic-speaking countries, the term may denote a preparation made from any of various parts of the hemp plant-such as the leaves or dried flowering tops, used to prepare what is elsewhere more commonly called marijuana (q.v.).

The hashish made from resin is known by many names, including bhang and ganja, and is usually more potent than marijuana. It may be either smoked or eaten for its intoxicating effects. Most hashish comes from the Middle East, North Africa, Nepal, Afghanistan and other Asian countries.

The word in Arabic means dry herb, There are many different theories about the etymology. One is that the word comes from the Hebrew word schischon, happiness. Another theory is that hashish is named after the assassins and their leader Hassan-ibn-Sabah. Hashich al fo-caro, the fakirs herb is another older Arabic name for hashish.

Hashish is the most common form of cannabis in Asia, Africa and Europe. In the cultivation areas hashish is pressed to massive balls, or bricks. The dealers often carries a brick that is carved with a knife and sold to the customer. On the street level hashish is often sold in matchboxes or small plastic bags in small lumps of 0,5 to 5 grams.

Hashish is normally smoked in pipes with different techniques for chilling the hot smoke before it enters the lungs, or smoked in cigarettes, joints. Sometimes the hashish is eaten, either pure or mixed in a jam or baked in a sweet cake. Hashish is sometimes mixed with other drugs such as opium and belladonna. The effects of smoking hashish is today normally identical with smoking marijuana as the marijuana on the illegal market usually has nearly the same THC-content. The smoking technique also tend to be used in a way that the user regulate the inhalation in a way that he continues until he has reached the desired THC effect. See Cannabis. Hashish oil A brown syrup-like oil extracted from Cannabis sativa with chemicals and thereafter have been filtered and concentrated. It is usually dropped on tobacco and smoked in a cigarette. THC-content usually 40-60 per cent.

Hashish psychosis Cannabis psychosis. Hashisi Hashish. Hasis Hashish. Hasisi Hashish. Hasj Hashish. Hasjies Hashish. Hasjisj Hashish. Hasp Phenobarbital. Hasp LA Phenobarbital. Hassle Colloquial term for problems encountered during procurement or use. Hassling Colloquial term for searching for drugs.

Hasta las manitas Colloquial term for being high on drugs.

Hasta las manos Colloquial term for being high on drugs.

Haszysc Polish colloquial term for hashish. Haszysz Hashish. Hataj Anadenanthera colbrina. Hatax Anadenanthera colbrina. Hats Colloquial term for LSD. Hatt Colloquial term for a volume measurement of heroin, the amount of heroin in a can-nula hull.

Haurydorm Secobarbital.

Havatrate A Phenobarbital.

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