H Colloquial term for heroin. H 4723 Clobazam.

H 610 Fencamfamin or Fencamfamin hydro-chloride.

H 814 Fenetylline hydrochloride. H Caps Colloquial term for heroin. H and C Colloquial term for heroin mixed with cocaine.

H aus dem Goldenen Dreieck German colloquial term for heroin from the Golden Triangle.

H & C Colloquial term for heroin mixed with cocaine.

H & H Colloquial term for heroin and hashish.

H-2-O Colloquial term for a combination of hashish and opium consisting of 2 parts hashish and 1 part opium. H-P-A Phenobarbital.

H-Szene German colloquial term for a place where heroin is sold.

H-Tinke German colloquial term for substitute heroin.

H-Tinktur German colloquial term for substitute heroin.

H-Tran 10 Chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride. H-am Argemone mexicana. H-copping-community Colloquial term for a place where small amounts of heroin are sold to street level users. H-dealer Colloquial term for a heroin dealer. H-kick Colloquial term for an euphoric reaction after heroin injection. H.10600 Phenadoxone. H.A.L.T. Colloquial term for admonition in 12 Step groups to not get "too flungry, too angry, too lonely, or too tired". H.E.S. Methadone hydrochloride. H.F.D. Acronym for Habit Forming Drug. H.I.T. Acronym for Health Inca Tea, tea from Peru with coca leaves added. H.M.C. Acronym for a combination of heroin, morphine and cocaine.

H.P. Colloquial term for a generic term in 12 Step groups referring to assistance from the outside of self: includes other members, the recovery group, therapists, and/or a defined deity am found in many religions. H.T.A. Meprobamate. H1 Colloquial term for morphine base. H10710 Ketobemidone.

H2 Colloquial term for heroin base. H3 Colloquial term for Honkong rocks; East Asian heroin in crystalline form, 30-60 % pure.

H4 Colloquial term for Turkish honey; heroin in powder form, gray-brown to white in color. H90 Colloquial term for heroin 90 per cent pure.

Haa Cacao.

Haag-convention International drug convention regulating the handling of opium and other opioids signed in Haag 1912, signed by 102 states and went into force 1919 as a part of the Versailles agreement after the first world war, The Haag-convention was in operation until 1961 when it was replace of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. Haarbürste German colloquial term for syringe and needle.

Haarma turkki Finnish colloquial term for turkish hashish. Habernyl Pholcodine. Habgesic Phenobarbital. Habit 1. See: Addiction. 2. Colloquial term for degree of dependence on heroin; semiquantitative indicating in financial terms the degree of person S dependence on heroin (e.g. $50 'habit').

Habit-forming Literally, having characteristics that encourage customary or regular use. The term also includes use of a drug in a way that implies that the drug has substantial dependence potential; "habit-forming" however, is more colloquial and sounds less threatening, and is therefore used, for instance, on pharmaceutical warning labels. See also: Habituation Habitador Mexican colloquial term for a middleman who transfers opium gum to a processing center.

Habito Colloquial term for habit, addiction. Habituacion (a drogas) Addiction, habit. Habituate To accustom by frequent repetition or prolonged exposure.

1. To cause physiological or psychological habituation, as to a drug.

2. Psychology. To experience habituation. From Middle English, accustomed, from Late Latin habituätus, past participle of habituäri, to be in a condition, from Latin habitus, condition, habit.

Habituation Becoming accustomed to any behaviour or condition, including psychoac-tive substance use. In the context of drugs, the term has overtones of dependence. In 1957, a WHO Expert Committee distinguished drug habituation from drug addiction on the basis of the absence of physical dependence, desire rather than compulsion to take the drug, and little or no tendency to increase the dose (See: Tolerance). In 1964 another WHO Expert

Committee replaced both terms with drug dependence.

Hacap Phenobarbital. Hach Hashish. Hach kakaw Cacao. Hachaichi Hashish. Hache Colloquial term for heroin. Hachi Hashish. Hachich Hashish. Hachich, -e Hashish. Hachichet el keif Hashish. Hachis Hashish; hashish oil, extract or concentrate.

Hachisch Hashish.

Hachyach Hashish.

Hack Colloquial term for a physician.

Hacks Colloquial term for prison guards.

Hackweed Colloquial term for marijuana of poor quality hail crack.

Hadlaka Colloquial term for Persian heroin which is placed on foil, heated and smoked. Haddock, Captein Character in the comic strip Tin-Tin with severe alcohol problems. Haette Danish colloquial term for a dose of morphine base. Hafion Hashish.

Hafioun Turkish term for cannabis preparation.

Hafranol Phenobarbital.

Haia schafuch 1. Colloquial term for oral use of drugs. 2. Colloquial term for smoking drugs.

Haider Colloquial term for hashish. Haight Ashbury A section of central San Francisco. In the 1960's it was a famous gathering place for hippies and followers of the drug culture.

Haight Ashbury Free Clinics Clinic started 1967, during the hippie-era, in San Francisco where volunteer health professionals helped especially drug abusers in a non authoritarian way. Founder was David Smith. It had grown to one of the leading institutions of drug abuse in the USA.

Haight, the Colloquial term for Haight Ash-bury.

Hail Colloquial term for crack. Hair 1. Colloquial term for crack. 2. The most succesful musical about the hippie-culture in the 1960s with the subtitle The Tribal Love-Rock-Musical. Text by James Rado (b. 1939) and Gerome Ragni (b. 1942) and music by Gail MacDermot (b. 1928). A story about a group of young people protesting against the war in Vietnam, smoking marijuana, advocating flower power and mysteries arond the age of Aquarius. 3. Film released in 1979, director Milos Forman, adaptation of the popular, controversial Broadway musical Hair remains an effective evocation of the hippie movement of the late 1960s. The story centers on a reserved Midwesterner (John Savage) who joins a pack of hippies in Central Park on his way to joining the Army. Hair of the dog (that bit you) Colloquial term for a drink to relieve hangover, and early morning shakes (name is from medieval treatment of placing animal's hair in the wound of an animal bite - not medically recommended).

Haircut 1. Colloquial term for heroin. 2. Colloquial term for marijuana. Hairy Colloquial term for heroin. Hajarat el dib Withania somnifera. Hak Danish colloquial term for an intravenous injection. Hakriton Cathine.

Hakudufha Anadenantheraperegrina. Halazepam C17H12ClF3N2O. Synthetic substance under international control according to the UN Convention on Psychotropic Substances 1971, Schedule IV. Molecular weight: 352. 8. Percentage of anhydrous base: 100. See: Benzodiazepines.

Halbes German colloquial term for an amount of heroin in street level dealing (180250 mg) adulterated heroin. Halbes halbes German colloquial term for the smallest dose of heroin containing adulterants.

Halcion Triazolam.

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