Gold papers Acapulco Colloquial term for

marijuana leaves used as cigarette paper. Gold star Colloquial term for marijuana. Gold thistle of Peru Argemone mexicana. Golden Colloquial term for a brand of hashish.

Golden Crescent Colloquial term for (Southwest Asia: Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan) -major producing area for heroin and opium. Became the leading opium producer in the world during the late 1970s by making a product that was less expensive and more potent that from the Golden Triangle. Golden Cresent See: Golden Crescent. Golden Dolphin Colloquial term for "brand name" of LSD, a golden dolphin of LSD is placed on paper similar to old fashioned ink blotting paper -merchandising technigue in the drug market.

Golden Dragon Colloquial term for LSD. Golden Girl Colloquial term for heroin. Golden Triangle The South East Asian opium growing mountain area in the borders between Burma, Thailand, Laos - major producing area for heroin.

Golden halfmoon 1. Opium growing area in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. 2. Heroin from the above area.

Golden leaf Colloquial term for very high quality marijuana.

Golden sunshine Colloquial term for very high quality marijuana. Golden tree Floripondo. Goldene Baumdatura Floripondo. Goldener Halbmond German term for the

Golden Crescent.

Goldener Schuss German colloquial term for a fatal overdose.

Goldenes Dreieck German term for the Golden Traingle.

Golf Colloquial term for barbiturates. Golf ball Colloquial term for crack. Golf balls 1. Colloquial term for depressants. in general. 2. Colloquial term for barbiturates.

Goli Pakistan colloquial term for hashish. Golpe Colloquial term for heroin. Goma 1. Colloquial term for opium. 2. Colloquial term for black tar heroin. 3. Colloquial term for hashish.

Goma de Mota Colloquial term for hashish. Goma de mota Colloquial term for hashish. Goma de moto Colloquial term for hashish. Gomefedrina Phenobarbital sodium. Gomero Colloquial term for dealer in opium gum.

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