Gemisch der Opiumalkaloide Opium mixed alkaloids of

Gemüse German colloquial term for cannabis.

Gen-Xene Clorazepate dipotassium. Gendha Tagetes.

Gene Krupa Story Film released in 1959.Director: Don Weis. This semi-biographical film chronicles the life of jazz drummer Gene Krupa (Sal Mineo) from his early childhood to his troubled adult career. Although his father (Gavin MacLeod) wanted him to join the priesthood, Krupa persisted in a musical career, which made him famous but cost him the love of girlfriend Ethel Maguire (Susan Kohner) and fostered a drug addiction. Gene-Poxide Chlordiazepoxide or Chlordi-azepoxide hydrochloride. Gene-bamate Meprobamate. Generic A product, such as a drug or detergent, that is sold without a brand name or trademark.

Generika Generic drugs. Genespax-PB Phenobarbital. Genetic marker See: Biological marker. Geneva Genever.

Genever Dutch vodka flavored with juniper berries which gives a strong oily taste. First manufactured 1575 by Lucas Bols. From dutch jenever, from latin Juniperus. Genevral Phenobarbital. Gengibre verde Artemisia absinthium. Genista Hallucinogen drug made from the seeds of the shrub Cytisus Canariensis used by Indian tribes in Mexico. The shrub is from the Canary Islands and is one of the few plants originating from the old world that has been integrated in the Indian cultures as a potent hallucinogen.

Genistenal Phenobarbital or Phenobarbital sparteine.

Genkodein Codeine-N-oxide. Genocodein, -e Codeine-N-oxide. Genomorfin, -a Morphine-N-oxide. Genomorphine Morphine-N-oxide. Genomorphin, -e Morphine-N-oxide. Genopon Opium, mixed alkaloids of. Genotropin Growth hormon somatropin. Gentarol Codeine phosphate and Phenobarbital.

Gentiana major Veratrum album. Gentinal Phenobarbital. Genussmittel German term for drugs (substances that brings pleasure). Geographic cure Colloquial term for change of geographic location to avoid coping with problems caused by drinking or drugging.

Geometrical pattern Colloquial term for LSD on paper.

Geometriches Muster German colloquial term for LSD on paper.

George Colloquial term for good quality drugs.

George Smack Colloquial term for heroin. Georgia Home Boy Colloquial term for GHB.

Gerbiman Pemoline.

Gereedschap Dutch colloquial term for paraphernalia for drug injections.

Gericy-N Metamfetamine hydrochloride.

Gerifon Phenobarbital.

Gerinox Amobarbital or Secobarbital.

Gerisom Amobarbital.

German blue Colloquial term for amfeta-


Germander Veratrum album. Germar Veratrum album. Germara Veratrum album. Germaren Veratrum album. Germarrun vel hermerun Veratrum album.

Germer Veratrum album.

Germerra Veratrum album.

Germerwurzel Veratrum album.

Gerobit Metamfetamine hydrochloride or

Phendimetrazine bitartrate.

Gerobit-neu Phendimetrazine hydrochlo-


Gerodyl Pipradrol or Pipradrol hydrochlo-ride.

Geroldylvrag Danish colloquial term for user of amfetamines. Gerone Dexamfetamine sulfate. Geronime French colloquial term for a mixture of alcohol and barbiturates. Geronimo Colloquial term for alcoholic beverage (often wine) combined with barbiturates.

Gerookt Dutch colloquial term for smoking drugs.

Gerson Nitrazepam.

Gervaise Film released in 1956. Director René Clément. Emile Zola's obscure novel entitled "L'Assommoir" has been made into several films. This is one of the best. In this two hour movie an entire mini-series worth of problems have been compressed about a young woman to whom life has dealt hard blows. Set in the 19th-century, this woman deals with an alcoholic husband while doing everything within her power to keep the family together. An incredibly depressing movie in which the protagonist keeps on trying no matter what besets her, the performances are creditable and the direction superb. Self-involved characters give viewers no one to cheer for, but this movie received multiple awards, ranging from Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival to an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film. The music was composed by Georges Auric.

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