Fake it Colloquial term for [12 Step term

short for fake it until you make it, meaning act as close to what is suggested until you feel comfortable doing so. Fakki Finnish colloquial term for prison. Fal Colloquial term for cannabis. Falagan Fenproporex. Falak-sair Colloquial term for cannabis. Falcodyl Pholcodine. Falex 2. 5 Lorazepam. Fali-Lepsin Cathine and Phenobarbital. Falilepsin Drug containing more than one substance, whereof one under international control: Cathine phenobarbital. Falilipsin Cathine. Fall Colloquial term for being arrested. Fall (off the wagon) Colloquial term for resumption of drug taking or alcoholic drinking after abstinence, to test ability to drink and/or drug in a controlled fashion. Fall out Colloquial term for losing consciousness after taking drugs. Fallbrook redhair Colloquial term for marijuana.

Falling down drunk Colloquial term for drunken, exhibiting cerebellar intoxication Falling into Colloquial term for enter fully into drug use.

Falling out Colloquial term for going to sleep after drug use.

Falluto Argentinean colloquial term for person not to be trusted.

Falopa Spanish colloquial term for cocaine. from tubes used to snort. False hellebore Veratrum album. Falso Peyote Ariocarpus fissuratus. Families Anonymous FA is a 12-step program for families facing alcohol and other drug problems. FA is a group of concerned relatives and friends "who have faced up to the reality that the problems of someone close to us are seriously affecting our lives and our ability to function normally." Based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, the organization was formed primarily for persons concerned about alcohol and other drug problems of a family member, especially children. Over the years, it has expanded to include concern about related behavioral problems, including hostility, truancy, and running away. Family therapy A form of psychotherapy in which the interrelationships of family members are examined in group sessions in order to identify and alleviate the problems of one or more members of the family. Family therapy is often an effective therapy form especially among young drug addicts.Family therapist often work after a systematical model in order to map and analyze the communication patterns in a family. Drug addiction in a family often create a pattern of guilt feelings and denials.

Famous dimes Colloquial term for crack. Fan Colloquial term for crack. Fang Colloquial term for drug injection. Fang Kuei Resin from the herb Peucedanum japonicum, used in Chinese traditional medicine as a sleep inducing substance. Contains several psychoactive alkaloids. Fang it Colloquial term for injecting drugs. Fanodormo Cyclobarbital. Fanodormo calcico Cyclobarbital calcium or Phenobarbital calcium. Fantasia Colloquial term for dimethyltryp-tamine.

Fapp 1. Colloquial term for smoking heroin. 2. Colloquial term for smoking cocaine. Far out Colloquial term for drugs of excellent quality.

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