F23 Acute and transient psychotic disorders

F23. 0 Acute polymorphic psychotic disorder without symptoms of schizophrenia

F23. 1 Acute polymorphic psychotic disorder with symptoms of schizophrenia

F23. 2 Acute schizophrenia­like psychotic disorder F23. 3 Other acute predominantly delusional psychotic disorder F23. 8 Other acute and transient psychotic disorders

F23. 9 Acute and transient psychotic disorder, unspecified A fifth character may be used to identify the presence or absence of associated acute stress:

F23. x0 Without associated acute stress F23. x1 With associated acute stress F24 Induced delusional disorder F25 Schizoaffective disorders

F25.0 Schizoaffective disorder, manic type

F25.1 Schizoaffective disorder, depressive type

F25.2 Schizoaffective disorder, mixed type

F25.8 Other schizoaffective disorders F25.9 Schizoaffective disorder, unspecified

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