Epidosin compositum Butobarbital

Epiglutal Phenobarbital.

Epikur Meprobamate.

Epilamin Phenobarbital.

Epilax Clonazepam.

Epilepsy Disorder resulting from rapid, uncontrolled electrical activity in one or more areas in the brain and characterized by periodic convulsive seizures. Partial, or focal, seizures involve a small area of damaged brain cells. Generalized seizures, which involve many areas of damage, include absence seizures (formerly petit mal), in which the person may appear to be daydreaming, and grand mal seizures, which last a few minutes and result in a loss of consciousness and involuntary contraction of all the muscles of the body. No organic cause can be determined for the disorder in most cases, but seizures can result from birth injury or high fever, alcohol withdrawal, tumors, and head injuries. Drug therapy includes the use of such anticonvulsants as phenytoin, phenobarbital, and carbamazepine. Brain surgery to remove the damaged cells is most successful in infants and young children. Epilil Phenobarbital. Epilol Phenobarbital. Epilunal Phenobarbital. Epimor Morphine hydrochloride. Epimorph Morphine sulfate. Epinelbon Nitrazepam. Epiphantine Phenobarbital. Epipropane 1. Amfetamine sulfate and Phenobarbital magnesium. 2. Amfetamine. Episedal Phenobarbital. Episindrome 1. Metamfetamine hydrochlo-ride and Phenobarbital. 2. Chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride. Epistil Phenobarbital.

Getting to Know Anxiety

Getting to Know Anxiety

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