Enuresil Amfetamine sulfate Enuretine Phenobarbital Environmental Tobacco Smoke

smoke that a person inhales from sources other than by directly smoking a cigarette. It is composed of the smoke that is: 1. Exhaled by the smoker (second-hand smoke), 2. Burns off the tip of the cigarette (sidestream smoke), and 3. Seeps through the paper and filter of the lit cigarette (lateral stream smoke). See also: Passive smoking. Enyerbado Colloquial term for being under the influence of marijuana. Enyoid Diazepam.

Epadu Colloquial term for a coca-like alkaloid which is 40% as potent as cocaine, but which is 60% less expensive than cocaine -derived from a small tree in Colombian forests.

Epamal Amobarbital. Epanal Phenobarbital. Epanalium Diazepam. Epazote de castilla Artemisia mexicana. Epena Hallucinogen drug, also called Nyak-wana and Yakee, extracted from the red resin under the bark of the tree Virola calophylla, growing in the rain forests of Colombia and Brazil. Active substances are DMT and bufo-tenine. Epena is made from the dried resin that are chopped and mixed with ash. Epena is sniffed and gives a 30 minutes high. It is however irritating to the mucous membrane of the nose and often provoke intense sneezing. Epena is mainly used by the Indians in the Amazons. It is a MAO-inhibitor which in combination with other drugs or food can form dangerous an unpredictable combination effects.

Epetal Phenobarbital. Ephcodral Phenobarbital. Ephed-organidin Phenobarbital. Ephedhal Phenobarbital. Ephedra-phen Phenobarbital. Ephedral Phenobarbital. Ephedrine Mild, slow-acting drug used to treat moderate attacks of bronchial asthma and to relieve nasal congestion from hay fever or infection of the upper respiratory tract. Non-addictive, ephedrine may cause insomnia and restlessness. Ephedrine is obtainable from plants of the genus Ephedra, particularly the Chinese species Ephedra sinica, and it has been used in China for more than 5,000 years to treat asthma and hay fever. It is effective when administered orally, and its effects persist for several hours, in contrast to the shorter-acting norepinephrine. Since the 1920s synthetic ephedrine has been used in Western medicine as a bronchodilator and nasal decon-gestant and in controlling urinary incontinence. When its longer duration of action is desirable, ephedrine replaces epinephrine in non-emergency treatment of allergic reactions. Its slow action renders it useless in arresting acute allergic attacks. Because of its stimulant effects, ephedrine must sometimes be used in combination with sedatives. Ephedrine is a common ingredient in look-alike amfetamines. Ephedro-noctal Phenobarbital and Se-cobarbital.

Ephedrobarbital Phenobarbital and Se-cobarbital.

Ephedrobarbital T Phenobarbital. Ephedrone Colloquial term for methcathi-none.

Ephenylin Phenobarbital. Ephenyllin, -e Phenobarbital. Ephesthmin Pentobarbital sodium. Ephobarb Phenobarbital. Ephophen Phenobarbital. Ephragen Amobarbital. Ephydion Ethylmorphine hydrochloride. Eph├ędronal Phenobarbital. Epibarb Phenobarbital. Epibenzaline Nitrazepam. EPIC Acromym for El Paso Intelligence Center; a DEA-administered, multi-agency law enforcement support activity; located in El Paso, Texas.

Epicalm Meprobamate. Epicrisine Amfetamine sulfate or Phenobarbital.

Epicur Meprobamate.

Epidemic 1. Spreading rapidly among many individuals in an area. 2. A contagious disease that spreads rapidly. 3. A rapid spread or development. Drug abuse is sometimes described as an epidemic. From Greek epidmos, prevalent.

Epidorm Phenobarbital.

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