Colloquial term for a pipe used for marijuana. Chamico 1. Brugmansia arborea. 2. Brug-mansia candida. 3. Brugmansia sanguinea. Champ Colloquial term for a drug user who not reveals the name of his dealer or addicted friends.

Champagne Sparkling wine from Champagne province in France; The carbonation allows faster absorption of the alcohol content in the stomach.

The Champagne method of wine making was invented by Dom Perignon at the Hautveilliere convent. He found that it was possible to preserve the bubbles developed during fermentation by bottling the wine before the fermentation was finished. In the middle of the 19th century the beverage got very popular as an exclusive party wine. Adophe Jacquessons invention of the special champagne-cork 1845 was important for the transportation. The champagne method is used to make sekt in Germany and cava in Spain. Champagne and caviar Colloquial term for marijuana and crack. Champagne of drugs A 1970s colloquial term for cocaine, due to its high price at the time.

Champinones Mexican colloquial term for hallucinogens (mushrooms). Chanate pusi Rhynchosia pyramidalis. Chancomen Mexican colloquial term for a packet of marijuana sufficient for several days.

Chancoo Colloquial term for opium for smoking.

Chandelier A drinking game played in college, typically started by the alcoholic members of the group in order to appear normal. Chandi Colloquial term for cocaine. Chandoo Colloquial term for opium for smoking.

Chandu Opium, Prepared. Chandu khana 1. Colloquial term for Indian (hindu-bengali) boiled opium for smoking.

2. Colloquial term for an opium den. Chanel Colloquial term for cocaine. Chang Colloquial term for injecting cocaine intravenously.

Change playmates, & playgrounds & playthings Colloquial term for [12 Step term] change the individuals with whom you associate and the places you frequent, lest the affiliation induce the recurrence of old habits leading to alcohol and/or drug consumption. Changes Colloquial term for different experiences with new drugs. Changes, go through Colloquial term for emotional bursts of mood due to drug use. Channa Drug made of the resins and leaves from the South African scrubs Sceletium tor-tuosum (Mesembryantheum tortuosum) and Mesembryanthemum expansum and , 30 cm tall with yellow flowers. Smoked in the central parts of South Africa and has yellow flowers. Contains several halluconogen alkaloids, among them mesembrin. Descriptions of the effects are conflicting, some decribe the effects as cocaine-like others say it induces sleep, The use of channa among South African hottentots was documented by European seafarers in the 18th century.

Channel Colloquial term for vein into which a drug is injected.

Channel swimmer Colloquial term for one who injects heroin. Chanure Cannabis.

Chanvre French term for hemp. cannabis. Chanvre India French term for cannabis. Chanvre indien Cannabis. Chaplin, Charlie (1889-1977). In his silent movie Modern times (1936) there is a classic cocaine scene. The hero is in a jail when he by accident gets a tin with a white powder marked Nose powder. This gives him strength to fight with the mean inmates and finally breaking out from the prison. Chapters Colloquial term for condition of onset of sleep after withdrawal. Char-bo-phem Phenobarbital. Char-hal Phenobarbital. Character Colloquial term for an eccentric person; Skid Row alcoholic with bizarre behavior, the bottom stratum of Skid Row. Charas 1. Colloquial term for black potent marijuana from India, sometimes mixed with opium. 2. Indian hashish. Charash Colloquial term for marijuana. Charbella Phenobarbital. Charbelphen Phenobarbital. Charcobarb Phenobarbital sodium. Chardonna Phenobarbital. Chardonna-2 Phenobarbital. Charge Colloquial term for marijuana. Charged Colloquial term for feeling the euphoric effects of alcohol and/or other drugs. Charged up Colloquial term for being under the influence of drugs.

Charlatan Colloquial term for fake, a quack, false person.

Charles Colloquial term for cocaine. Charley 1. Colloquial term for heroin. 2. Colloquial term for cocaine (replacement of sexual partner by cocaine's orgasmic sensations).

Charley coke Colloquial term for cocaine addict.

Charlie Colloquial term for cocaine. Charlie Coke Colloquial term for cocaine. Charlie girl Colloquial term for cocaine. Charloid Phenobarbital. Charly Colloquial term for cocaine. Charphen Phenobarbital. Charras Hashish.

Charred up Colloquial term for being under the influence of drugs. Charris Hashish.

Charsi Colloquial term for cannabis user. Charspast Phenobarbital. Charush Colloquial term for adulterated hashish.

Charuto Colloquial term for "cheroot", a big marijuana cigarette.

Chase 1. Colloquial term for smoking cocaine. 2. Colloquial term for smoking marijuana.

Chaser Colloquial term for a compulsive crack user.

Chasing Colloquial term for a method for using heroin. The use heats the substance on a metal foil or on a coin and inhales the fumes through a short pipe. Chasing is an effective non-injecting method and the users often shift from smoking heroin mixed with tobacco in a cigarette to chasing. This method is the most frequent route for administration of brown sugar (heroin) on the Indian subcontinent, though it is also not uncommon in Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom. See also: Chasing the dragon

Chasing the bag Colloquial term for hustling for drugs.

Chasing the dragon Colloquial term for smoking heroin by inhaling the heroin smoke from a metal paper. The word refers to the heroin crawling as a snake or a dragon when it is heated. See also: Chasing. Chasing the monkey Colloquial term for continuous long term intravenous injection of heroin.

Chasing the nurse Colloquial term for being addicted to morphine. Chasing the tiger Colloquial term for smoking heroin.

Chasing the white nurse Colloquial term for being addicted to morphine. Chasser la queue de dragon French colloquial term for heroin inhaled through a paper tube.

Chassis Greek colloquial term for cannabis. Chastig Hashish.

Chasting Beverage containing cannabis. Chastraki Egyptian term for a combination of hashish and wine to which spices are added. Chastraky Egyptian term for a combination of hashish and wine to which spices are added. Chastry Hashish. Chat Khat.

Chatian Hindi name for Alstonia scholaris.

Chatiun Alstonia scholaris.

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