Caught in a snow storm Colloquial term

for being high on cocaine.

Cauliflower Colloquial term for marijuana.

Causat Phenobarbital.

Cauupuri mariri Banisteriopsis caapi.

Cava 1. Spanish term for sparkling quality wine fermented a second time in the bottle in the same way as champagne. 2. Kava.

Cava Piper methysticum.

Cavallito Amfetamine tannate.

Caviar 1. Colloquial term for crack. 2. Col loquial term for brown residue left in coffee maker after producing crack - contains cocaine.

Cavite all star Colloquial term for marijuana.

Cavite all stars Colloquial term for marijuana.

Cavodan Nitrazepam or Oxazepam. Cavonyl Cyclobarbital. Cawe Pachycereus pecten-aborginum, Mexican cactus even called Wichawoka., up to 10 meter tall branched grey-green. The fluid from the young buds are used by the Tarahumara Indians to make a hallucinogen beverage. Cayi Colloquial term for marijuana. CB 11 Phenadoxone hydrochloride. CB 4261 Tetrazepam.

CB 4306 Clorazepate or Clorazepate dipo-tassium.

CB 4311 Clorazepate or Clorazepate monopotassium. CB 8092 Oxazepam. CB 8133 Lorazepam. CB-4761 Tetrazepam. CB-8049 Diphenoxylate. CBD Acronym for cannabidiol, one of the cannabinoids. CBD influece the metabolism of other drugs.CBD also has antiepileptic properties.

CBN Acronym for cannabinol, one of the cannabinoids.

Cc Acronym for cubic centimeters used by intravenous drug addicts as a measurement for injectable drugs, it is however unreliable as the purity tends to vary. CCA-nox Phenobarbital. CCC 1. Acronym for Custom Cooperation Council. See, World Customs Organization. 2. Al-Anon acronym, the three Cs: "I didn't cause it (the drinking), I can't -control it, and I can't cure it".

CCCC Al-Anon acronym, the four Cs: "I didn't Cause it (the drinking), I can't Control it, I can't Cure it but I can Contribute (to making it better or worse)".

CCE Acronym for (Continuing Criminal Enterprise statute) in the late 1970s CCE and RICO provided a means for the US. federal government to seize the personal assets of persons involved in criminal activities, including cash, art, buildings, land, jewelry, businesses, or other entitlements obtained from or used for criminal activities.

CD Colloquial term for glutethimide (Dori-den).

CDA Acronym for [12 Step group]: Chemical Dependents Anonymous. CDC Acronym for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDDZ Delorazepam.

CDICG US acronym for Counterdrug Intelligence Coordinating Group. CDP Chlordiazepoxide. CDP 10 Chlordiazepoxide or Chlordiazepox-ide hydrochloride.

CE Colloquial term for glutethimide (Dori-den).

Cebil Anadenanthera colbrina. Cébil Anadenanthera colbrina. Cebil bianco Anadenanthera colbrina. Cebil Colorado Anadenanthera colbrina. Cebilo Anadenanthera colbrina. Cebolleta Oncidium cebolleta, orchid with hallucinogen properties used by the Tarahu-mara Indians in Mexico. Cebrium Medazepam.

Cebrum Chlordiazepoxide or Chlordiazepox-

ide hydrochloride.

Cebrun Chlordiazepoxide.

Cebil Anadenanthera colbrina.

Cecie Colloquial term for cocaine.

Cecil Colloquial term for cocaine.

Cecil Jones Colloquial term for a morphine addict.

Cecile Colloquial term for cocaine. Cecilie Colloquial term for cocaine. CEDAR Center for Education and Drug Abuse Research. Cedrillo Virola. Cee Colloquial term for cocaine. Ceech Colloquial term for hashish. Ceepa Phenobarbital. Cefinal Butalbital.

Cegramine Amfepramone hydrochloride. Cehobbâ Anadenantheraperegrina. CELAD Acronym for Comité Européen de Lutte Anti-Drouge, formerly a working group within the European Community for coordination of drug policy founded 1989. The group consisted of 12 representatives from the member states governments. The group was terminated 1993 when the Maastricht-treaty came into force.

Cell sting Colloquial term for police pretend to sell drugs in order to trap buyers. Cellumme Dexamfetamine sulfate. Celuten Phendimetrazine bitartrate. Cemalonal Phenobarbital. Cemalonol Phenobarbital. Cement Colloquial term for opioids. Cementerio Mexican colloquial term for a glue (inhalant) user.

Cementero Mexican colloquial term for a glue (inhalant) user.

Cemento Mexican colloquial term for a glue (inhalant) user.

Cempoal Tagetes.

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