Calmaphen Phenobarbital Calabar bean

The poisonous seed of a tropical western African woody vine (Physostigma venenosum) in the pea family, which has been used as an ordeal poison and is the source of the drug physostigmine. Also called ordeal bean. After Calabar, a town of southeast Nigeria. Calacidol composto Meprobamate. Calamia Arundo donax. Calamo Colloquial term for quill, rolled up matchbook cover used for sniffing drugs. Calamo aromatico Calamus. Calamus 1. Acorus calamus, a up to one metre high perennial plant growing in ditch-sides and on beaches in Europe, Asia and North America. It has a characteristic yellow-green spadices. The root, calamusroot, contains the active substance asarone similar to mescaline and amfetamine with relaxing, stimulating and hallucinogen properties. In traditional medicine it was used in a syrup against a number of symptoms. In some countries it has also been used for spicing beer. Ritual use of calamusroot in hallucinogen doses occurs among the Cree-indians in northern Alberta in Canada. The calamus root is also sometimes used in the drug scene and is marketed as a mild LSD-like natural high. A common initial effects is vomiting. 2. Arundo donax.

Calamus cyprius Arundo donax. Calcidorm Cyclobarbital calcium. Calcidrine Pentobarbital sodium. Calcilet Phenobarbital sodium. Calcio-efedral Phenobarbital. Calciphen Phenobarbital sodium. Calcium 5-cyclohex-1 -enyl-5-ethyl-barbiturate Cyclobarbital calcium. Calcium cyclohexenylaethylbarbi-turicum Cyclobarbital calcium. Calcium pentobarbital Pentobarbital calcium.

Calea rugosa Brunfelisa. Calea ternifolia Brunfelisa. Calea zacatechichi Brunfelisa. Calea zacatechnici Hallucinogen drug made from the Central American shrub with the same name. The drug is administered by drinking a tea made of the dried leaves. Caleta Colloquial term for drug cache, a hiding place for drugs or drug use. Cali 1. Colloquial term for marijuana. 2. Town in western Colombia, center for cocaine trade and the Cali-cartel. Capital of Valle del Cauca dept., on the Cali River. It is an industrial center, shipping minerals, lumber, and food products and manufacturing tires, textiles, paper, and chemicals. Founded in 1536, it has doubled its population since 1950, largely because of a regional hydroelectric power project. In the late 1980s and early 90s Cali gained notoriety for the cocaine cartel based there.

Cali red Colloquial term for marijuana from Cali, Colombia.

Cali-cartel The worlds leading cocaine-cartel that gained power after the Medellin-cartel's violent conflicts with the police in the 1980s.

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