Blutfarbene Engelstrompete Brugmansia sanguinea

Blutroter Stechapfel Brugmansia sanguinea.

Bluzedrin Amfetamine sulfate.

Blyn Henbane.

Blätter der Hirtin Salvia divinorium. Bläsa Swedish colloquial term for cheating someone (in a drug deal). Bläsa av Swedish colloquial term for tone down the stimulating effects of amfetamines by taking sedatives.

Bläse Norwegian colloquial term for smoking hashish.

Bläse noen Norwegian colloquial term for squealing on someone.

Blästjack Colloquial term for sugar or citric acid sold as amfetamine. BN-378C48 Dipipanone hydrochloride Bo Colloquial term for marijuana. Bo-bo Colloquial term for marijuana. Boarder baby An infant, often the offspring of drug addicts or AIDS victims, who remains for months, sometimes up to a year, at the hospital where he or she was born, waiting for placement in a home. Boat 1. Colloquial term for PCP, short for loveboat. 2. Colloquial term for heroin. Bob (Dr. Bob) Colloquial term for Robert Holbrook Smith, M.D., one of the co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous (see also Bill W.), using principles from the Oxford Movement and a variety of other areas, and creating a viable program for recovery from alcoholism. Bobbel Colloquial term for a condom containing heroin transported in the mouth by street drug dealers. Can be swallowed and hidden in the stomach. Bobo 1. Colloquial term for being drunk.

2. Colloquial term for marijuana [1986].

3. Colloquial term for crack.

Bobo bush Colloquial term for a marijuana plant.

Bobo jockey Colloquial term for a marijuana user.

Bocca Tabernanthe iboga. containing the stimulant ibogaine.

Boccawurzel Tabernanthe iboga. containing the stimulant ibogaine.

Bock Colloquial term for a beer brewed in/for spring season.

Bock beer Colloquial term for a beer brewed in/for spring season.

Bock haben German colloquial term for drug desire.

Bock haben auf German colloquial term for craving to do something in connection with drugs.

Bockwurz Atropa belladonna.

Bocus Phenobarbital.

Bodey Colloquial term for narcotics agent.

Bodoh shnaash Turbina corymbosa. See:


Body drug 1. Colloquial term for drug which creates physical addiction. 2. Collo quial term for hallucinogens. Body heat Colloquial term for heroin. Body packer Colloquial term for person who ingests crack or cocaine to transport it. A drug smuggler who swallows bags, usually filled with cocaine, to elude drug enforcement officers or customs officials. The bags may rupture and poison the carrier. Body search A physical search of a person made usually by patting the body with the hands and often by exploring bodily orifices in an attempt to find concealed weapons, explosives, drugs, or other contraband. Body stuffer Colloquial term for person who ingests crack vials to avoid prosecution. Bof Danish colloquial term for cheating someone in a drug deal.

Boff Norwegian colloquial term for bogus drugs.

Boffa Colloquial term for inhaling, especially butane-gas from lighters.

Boffe noen Norwegian colloquial term for selling bogus drugs.

Bog bilberry Vaccinum uliginosum.

Bog whortelberry Vaccinum uliginosum.

Boga Tabernanthe iboga. containing the stimulant ibogaine.

Bogart Colloquial term for smoking a joint of marijuana. very slowly and with many intervals.

Bogart a joint Colloquial term for salivate on a marijuana cigarette; refuse to share. Bogbilberry Vaccinum uliginosum. Bogey Colloquial term for an undercover agent.

Bogus China White Colloquial term for alfa-metyl-fentanyl.

Boh-chuah Colloquial term for dollar bills. Bohd 1. Colloquial term for marijuana. 2. Colloquial term for PCP. Bohne German colloquial term for a very small LSD trip.

Bohnen German colloquial term for heroin. Bohren German colloquial term for searching a vein for injection. Boi Colloquial term for cannabis. Boil Colloquial term for smoking device for hashish or opium.

Boil Lysol Colloquial term for apparently some native Eskimo persons boil Lysol, then cool it and strain it and drink the resultant liquid.

Boil-out Colloquial term for withdrawal. Boiled up Colloquial term for being nervous in connection with drug taking. Boiler Colloquial term for part of a moonshine still.

Boiler-room Colloquial term for a place where drugs are prepared for injection. Bois rouge Anadenanthera peregrina.

Bois ecore Anadenanthera peregrina. Boja Calamus.

Bojho Nepalese name for Calamus. Bok Colloquial term for heroin. Bolas Argentinean colloquial term for tablets.

Bolasteron Anabol and androgen steroid. Bolasterone Injectable steroid. Boldenon Steroid.

Boleta Argentinean colloquial term for murder.

Boletus See: Nonda.

Bolinhas Colloquial term for amfetamines. Bolitas Colloquial term for tablets. Bolivian marching powder Colloquial term for cocaine.

Boliviani Colloquial term for cocaine. Bolkaf Colloquial term for all parts of the poppy plant except the seeds. Bollbärare Swedish colloquial term for someone who smuggles drugs in containers hidden in the body.

Bolle Colloquial term for a smoking device. Bollen Colloquial term for a small piece of hashish.

Bollo Colloquial term for crack.

Bollwurz Atropa belladonna.

Bolo Colloquial term for crack.

Bolsa Colloquial term for a small packet of heroin.

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