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Ansielix Oxazepam or Oxazepam hemisucci-


Ansietan Meprobamate. Ansieten Ketazolam. Ansietil Ketazolam. Ansil Meprobamate. Ansilan Medazepam. Ansillo Tagetes. Ansilor Lorazepam. Ansiocor Diazepam. Ansiolax Diazepam. Ansiolin Diazepam. Ansiolisina Diazepam or Oxazepam. Ansioliticos Colloquial term for tranquilizers (such as benzodiazepines). Ansiopan Lorazepam. Ansiopaz Clorazepate dipotassium. Ansiopaz-10 Clorazepate dipotassium. Ansiopaz-5 Clorazepate dipotassium. Ansiotex Lorazepam. Ansiowas Meprobamate. Anslinger, Harry Jacob (1892-1975). US civil servant. In 1926 he was appointed as head of the suppression of illegal alcohol importation to USA. In 1929 he was deputy head of the authority which controlled the prohibition-laws against alcohol sales. After the end of the prohibition years he became head of the national drug enforcement and a leading international policy-maker. He was commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics from 19301962. After the world war he became a leading member of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs. He was known as a hard-liner and promoter of the "war against drugs". He opposed the idea of differentiating between hard and soft drugs and consequently fought every effort to decriminalize cannabis. Ansniefen German colloquial term for talking a person into snorting heroin. Anspannen, die pferde German colloquial term for preparing a heroin injection. Anstie, Francis English psychiatrist who founded the first medical educational institution for women. He also published a theory about the amount of alcohol a man can consume without damaging the body. This theory is called Ansties law or Ansties Limit. Ansties law Theory presented 1862 by Francis Anstie saying that 42 grams of alcohol per day is the upper limit for safe use of alcohol for an adult man (half a bottle of wine or 10 cl vodka). Although over 100 years of research have passed, Ansties law is still internationally honoured as a good rule of safe limits for alcohol intake for healthy grown up men by many scientists. Ansties limit Ansties law. Ansudor Amobarbital. Ansudoral Amobarbital. ANT-education Acronym for Alcohol, Narcotics and Tobacco Education. Ant Colloquial term for small time drug dealer - sells to support personal habit. Antabuse Disulfiram. Antabuse reaction Alcohol flush reaction. See: Disulfiram;

Antacid abuse See: Abuse of non-dependence-producing substances. Antagonist A substance that counteracts the effects of another agent. Pharmacologically, an antagonist interacts with a receptor to inhibit the action of agents (agonists) that produce specific physiological or behavioural effects mediated by that receptor. Antalgic Drug alleviating pain. Antaphrodisiac Drug which reduce the sexual desire.

Ante Colloquial term for amfetamine. Ante-Lunch Liquor taken before a meal. Ante-Volstead Alcohol produced prior to the US prohibition.

Antecedents Behaviours or characteristics that occur before drug use and might therefore be predictive of drug use, but not necessarily causes of drug use.

Antesten German colloquial term for testing the quality of drugs.

Anthony of Egypt (251-355), Egyptian hermit who became the father of Christian Monasticism. At the age of 20 he gave away his inheritance anjoined a group of ascetics near his village. Desiring greater solitude, he advanced by stages ever further into the desert. Nevertheless, disciples flocked to him and formed colonies of hermits, which he organized into the first communities of Christian monks. People sought him in the desert to receive his advice and help. During the Middle Ages, St. Anthony was invoked against several types of inflammations of the skin known as St. Anthony's Fire. Anthonys fire Ergotism, named after St Anthony of Egypt.

Anti-Tox Anti-intoxication. Drug producing sobriety in one who has been drinking a lot. Anti-liquor To be opposed to the beverage alcohol industry or the consumption of alcohol.

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