Amylbarb 5O Amobarbital

Amylbarb sodium Amobarbital sodium. Amyl Nitrite See Amyl nitrite. Amylo-Trancopal Amobarbital. Amylobarb Amobarbital. Amylobarbital Amobarbital. Amylobarbites Amobarbital. Amylobarbitone Amobarbital. Amylobarbitone sodium Amobarbital. Amylobeta Amobarbital sodium. Amylofene Phenobarbital. Amylomet Amobarbital. Amylong Amobarbital. Amylosol Amobarbital sodium. Amylotone Amobarbital. Amylozine Amobarbital. Amys 1. Colloquial term for amyl nitrite. 2. Colloquial term for amobarbtial. Amytal Amobarbital. Amytal sodique Amobarbital sodium. Amytal sodium Amobarbital sodium. Amytal sodico Amobarbital sodium. Amytalily Amobarbital. AN 148 Methadone. AN 488 Mazindol.

An der Nadel hängen German colloquial term for being addicted.

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Drug Addiction Report

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