Alcohol reaction causing substance A

substance which when present in the organism together with alcohol briongs about a series of distressing or painful symptoms such as flushing, nausea and voimiting, severe headache, violent accelerated heartbeats, dificulty i breathing, loweered blood pressure and sometimes prostrations. These substances include disulfiram, cyanamide, animal charcoal, the ground-pine Lycopodium selago, coprin from the inkycap mushroop Coprinus atramentarius and many carbutamides. In especial, disul-firam, cyanamide, as citrated calcium cyana-mide and in Russia Lycopodium selago have been used in the treatment of alcoholism, sometimes in conditioning therapy and aversion therapy but more often administered as ab adjunct to psychotherapy, creating av chemical fence against the patients tendency to start drinking on impulse. Sometimes even caled alcohol deterrents or, alcohol repellants or alcohol antagonists.

Alcohol repellents See: Alcohol reaction causing drugs and Alcohol-sensitising drug. Alcohol strength See. Alcohol content. Alcohol Withdrawal syndrome delirium

See: Delirium.

Alcohol, non-beverage A general term for products containing ethanol but not intended for human consumption. Many industrial and consumer products contain ethanol, and are sometimes consumed as a substitute for alcoholic beverages: these include mouthwashes, methylated spirits, and nubbing alcohol (see alcohol).

A more inclusive term for products consumed in place of alcoholic beverages is "alcohol surrogates", which also includes non-ethanol products, such as ethylene glycol (antifreeze). Alcohol-disulfiram reaction See: Disul-firam.

Beat The Battle With The Bottle

Beat The Battle With The Bottle

Alcoholism is something that can't be formed in easy terms. Alcoholism as a whole refers to the circumstance whereby there's an obsession in man to keep ingesting beverages with alcohol content which is injurious to health. The circumstance of alcoholism doesn't let the person addicted have any command over ingestion despite being cognizant of the damaging consequences ensuing from it.

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