Agastanis secundiflora Synonym for

Sophora secundiflora. Agates Barbiturates.

Agave Latin and Greek agaue, admirable. A genus of amaryllidaceous plants with many species possesing spiny-margined leaves and tall candelabra-shaped inflorescences. Some species serve as a source of alcoholic beverages. The juice of Agave Americana i purgative and diuretic, and has been used as an abortifacient. Several species contain sapon-ins.

Agave americana American aloe, sometimes called century plants, named in the belief that they flower once in a hudred years. Sometimes used as a synonyme for Agave atrocirens or Agave mexicana. Agave atrovirens The principal species from which pulque is made. Sometimes con-fusingly even called Agave potatorum, Agave americana or Agave mexicana. Agave compluviata In spanish maguey verde, yielding pulque. Agave mapisaga In Spanish maguey mapisaga, which yields pulque. Agave melliflua In Spanish maguey manso, yielding a juice drunk unfermented. Agave quiotfern In Spanish maguey ce-niso, yielding pulque.

Agave tequilana Central american plant from which tequila is distilled. Agave worm The maguey worm, the larva of various butterflies which feed on the agaves and which are fried and eaten in Mexico. One is deposited in a brand of tequila as a form of advertising display.

Agaven Agave. Agavenschnaps Tequila. Age Colloquial term for heroin. Agenco Artemisia absinthium. Agenjo del pais Artemisia mexicana. Agent German colloquial term for drugs. Agetran Meprobamate. Aging 1. See age. 2. Maturing of wine or distilled spirits as they absorb the characteristics of the containers, usually wooden casks, inte which they are stored. Agitation 1. The act of agitating or the state of being agitated. 2. Extreme emotional disturbance; perturbation. Aglow Colloquial term for being drunk. Agmabamate Meprobamate. Agmital Phenobarbital. Agol 1. Colloquial term for drugs in tablet form. 2. Withania somnifera. Agona Piper methysticum. Agonies Colloquial term for withdrawal symptoms.

Agonist From latin agonista, contender, from Greek agonistes, from agon, contest. A substance that can combine with a nerve receptor to produce a reaction typical for that substance. A substance that acts at a neuronal receptor to produce effects similar to those of a reference drug; for example, methadone is a morphine-like agonist at the opioid receptors. Agosedine Phenobarbital. Agrassin Amfepramone hydrochloride and Barbital.

Agrave A steel clamp used to stopper a bottle, especially over a champagne cork. Agripina Phenobarbital. Agrypnal Phenobarbital. Agrypnaletten Phenobarbital. Agua Ardiente 1. Brandy distilled from red wine. 2. Any distilled liquor. 3. General term for liquor in Spanish and Portuguese. Agua-colla San Pedro. Aguaardienta See Agua Ardiente. Aguacolla San Pedro. Aguamiel Spanish agua, water and miel, honey. Fluid formed in the cavity of the agave maguey plant, which is used fresh or fermented to make pulque. Aguardiente Spanish agua, water and ardiente, burnt. A distilled alcoholic beverage drunk mainly in Spanish-speaking countries. Brandy in Spain and Portugal, rum or other distillate of sugarcane i Latin America and a clear anise distillate in Colombia. Aguardiente alemana A medicinal drink with an alcohol base and including jalop root, turpeth root, Aleppo scammony. Aguardiente de cabeza First running from the still.

Aguardiente de cana Rum, distilled alco holic spirits (generally 30% alcohol or greater) from sugar cane.

Aguardiente de manzanas Applejack. Aguardiente de nipa Distilled juice of the nipa palm (generally 40% alcohol content or greater).

Aguardiente de palma Distilled juice of the nipa palm (generally 40% alcohol content or greater).

Aguarras Mexican colloquial term for inhalant.

Ague Tree Sassafras.

Ague tree Synonym for Sassafras albidum. See: Sassafras.

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