Acide cyclohexene1 yl1 5 ethyl5 barbiturique Cyclobarbital

Acide (méthyl-1 butyl)-5 vinyl-5 barbiturique Vinylbital.

Acide allyl-5 (methyl-1butyl)-5 barbiturique Secobarbital.

Acide allyl-5 isobutyl-5 barbiturique Bu-


Acide butyl-5 ethyl-5 barbiturique Buto-barbital.

Acide chloro-7-dihydro-2,3 oxo-2 phé-

nyl-5 1H-benzodiazépine-1,4 carbox-

ylique-3 Clorazepate.

Acide diallyl-5,5 barbiturique Allobarbi-


Acide diphényl-1,1 méthyl-2 morpho-lino-3 propane carboxylique Moramide intermediate.

Acide diéthyl-5,5 barbiturique Barbital. Acide ethyl-5 (cyclohexényl-1)- 5 barbiturique Cyclobarbital. Acide isopentyl-5 ethyl-5 barbiturique


Acide methyl-2 morpholino-3 diphenyl-1,1 propane carboxylique Moramide intermediate.

Acide méthyl-1 phényl-4 pipéridine carboxylique-4 Pethidine intermediate C. Acide méthyl-l phényl-5 éthyl-5 barbiturique Methylphenobarbital. Acide phényl-éthyl-5 barbiturique Phenobarbital.

Acide sec-butyl-5 éthyl-5 barbiturique


Acide éthyl- (méthyl-3-butyl)-5 barbiturique Amobarbital.

Acide éthyl-5 (méthyl- 1butyl)-5 barbiturique Pentobarbital. Acide éthyl-5 isoamyl-5 barbiturique


Acide éthyl-5 isoamyl-5 éthyl-5 barbiturique Amobarbital.

Acide éthyl-5 méthyl-1 phényl-5 barbiturique Methylphenobarbital. Acide éthyl-5 phényl-5 barbiturique


Acidity Tartness imbued by fruit acids to wine.

Acido Spanish and portuguese colloquial term for LSD.

Acido 1,1-difenil-2-metil-3-morfoli'n propano carboxilico Moramide intermediate.

Acido 1 -(3-ciano-3,3-difenilpropil)-4-fenilisonipecotico Difenoxin. Acido 1 -metil-4-fenilpiperidin-4-carboxilico Pethidine intermediate C. Acido 2-metil-3-morfoli'n difenilpro-pano carboxilico Moramide intermediate. Acido 5 (1-ciclohexen-1-il)-5-etilbarbiturico Cyclobarbital. Acido 5 etil-1 -metil-5-fenilbarbiturico


Acido 5,5-dialilbarbitúrico Allobarbital.

Acido 5,5-dietilbarbitúrico Barbital.

Acido 5-(1-metilbutil)-5-vinil-

barbitúrico Vinylbital.

Acido 5-alil-5-(1 -metilbutil)-barbitúrico


Acido 5-alil-5-(2-metilpropil)-

barbitúrico Butalbital.

Acido 5-alil-5-isobutilbarbitúrico Bu-


Acido 5-butil-5-etilbarbitúrico Butobar-bital.

Acido 5-etil-1-metil-5-fenilbarbitúrico


Acido 5-etil-5-(1 -metilbutil)barbiturico


Acido 5-etil-5-(3-metilbutil)-barbitúrico


Acido 5-etil-5-fenilbarbitúrico Phenobarbital.

Acido 5-isobutil-5-alil-barbitúrico Bu-


Acido 5-sec-butil-5-etilbarbitúrico


Acido alil-metil barbitúrico Secobarbital. Acido allil-5-(metil-1 -butil)-5-barbiturico Secobarbital. Acido fenil-etil-barbitúrico Phenobarbital.

Acido gevelinico Pethidine intermediate C. Acidosis An abnormal increase in the acidity of the body's fluids, caused either by accumulation of acids or by depletion of bicarbonates. Often seen in heavy alcohol drinkers and a serious symptom in methanol poisoning. Acidules French colloquial term for a LSDusers.

Acidum5-(1-methylbutyl)-5-aethyl-barbituricum Pentobarbital. Acidum 5-(1 -methylbutyl)-5-aethyl-barbituricum Pentobarbital. Acidum 5-(3-methyl-n-butyl)-5-aethylbarbituricum Amobarbital. Acidum 5-aethyl-5 (1-methylbutyl)-barbituricum Pentobarbital. Acidum 5-aethyl-5-isoamyl-barbituricum Amobarbital. Acidum 5-aethyl-5-phenylbarbituricum Phenobarbital.

Acidum 5-allyl-5 (1-methylbutyl)-barbituricum Secobarbital. Acidum N-methyl-aethyl-phenyl-barbituricum Methylphenobarbital. Acidum aethylbutylbarbituricum Buto-barbital.

Acidum aethylisoamylbarbituricum


Acidum aethylmethylbutyl-barbituricum Pentobarbital.

Acidum cyclohexenylaethyl-barbituricum Cyclobarbital. Acidum diaethylbarbituricum Barbital. Acidum diallylbarbituricum Allobarbital. Acidum diethyl-barbituricum Barbital. Acidum difenoxilicum Difenoxin. Acidum isoamylaethylbarbituricum Amobarbital.

Acidum isobutylallylbarbituricum Bu-


Acidum methyl-phenylaethyl-barbituricum Methylphenobarbital. Acidum n-butylaethylbarbituricum Bu-


Acidum phenylaethyl-N-methyl-barbituricum Methylphenobarbital. Acidum phenylaethylbarbituricum Phenobarbital.

Acihuit Psidium guajava. Ack Ack Colloquial term for smoking heroin by placing it on the tip of a burning cigarette. Ack-ack Colloquial term for smoking a heroin-dusted cigarette. Ackermagen Calamus Ackern German colloquial term for prostitution.

Ackerwurtz Calamus. Ackerwurz Calamus.

Ackoffs model A method of determine the assignment of alcoholic patients to treatment facilities which takes into account alternative courses of action.

ACM Acronym for American Council on Marijuana and other Psychoactive Drugs. Acne rosacea A chronic dermatitis of the face, especially of the nose and cheeks, characterized by a red or rosy coloration, caused by dilation of capillaries, and the appearance of acne like pimples. One of the causes is alcoholism.

Latin (acne) rosacea, rose-colored (acne), from Latin, feminine of rosceus, made of roses. See: Rosacea.

Acnida cannabinum Cannabis sativa. ACoA Acronym for Adult Child of Alcoholics.

Acodon Diazepam or Meprobamate. Acogesic Amfetamine phosphate. Acomicial Clonazepam. Aconit Aconitum napellus. Aconit napel Aconitum napellus. Aconite 1. Any of various, usually poisonous perennial herbs of the genus Aconitum, having tuberous roots, palmately lobed leaves, blue or white flowers with large hoodlike upper sepals, and an aggregate of follicles. 2. The dried poisonous roots of these plants, used as a source of drugs. Also called monkshood. 3. Aconitum ferox. 4. Aconitum napellus.

French aconit, from Latin aconitum, from Greek akoniton.

Aconito napello See: Aconite. Aconitum compactum Synonym for Aconitum napellus.

Aconitum ferox Monkshood. The strongest poisonous plant of the Himalayas. Tibetan medicinal herb also traditionally used as poison applied to tips of arrows. Usually dried and mixed with ganja. 3 to 6 grams of aco-nitin is the lethal dose.

Aconitum napellus Monkshood. Strong poisonous plant. Traditionally used in witch-ointments. 3 to 6 grams of aconitin is the lethal dose.

Aconitum napellus var. ferox See: Aconitum ferox.

Aconitum neomontanum Synonym for Aconitum napellus.

Aconitum pyramidale Synonym for Aconi-tum napellus.

Aconitum vironum See: Aconitum ferox. Acononitum ferox See: Aconitum ferox. Acor meconicus Morphine. Acordin Diazepam.

Acore Hallucinogen drug prepared by the Cree-Indians of the north-western Canada of the Acorus Calamus. The active ingredients are asarone. In high doses it gives visual hallucinations similar to LSD. Acore aromatique Calamus. Acore odorant Calamus. Acore vrai Calamus. Acori Calamus.

Acorin A bitter glycoside from Calamus, splits into oil of calamus and sugar. Acoro Calamus. Acoro verdadero Calamus. Acorus aromaticus Synonym for Acorus calamus See: Calamus. Acorus calamus See: Calamus. Acorus odoratus Synonym for Acorus calamus. See: Calamus. Acorus vulgaris Synonym for Acorus calamus. See: Calamus. Acoyo Piper auritum.

Acqired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

See: Aids.

Acquavite See: Aquavit. Acrois Calamus.

Acromegali A chronic disease of adults marked by enlargement of the bones of the extremities, face, and jaw that is caused by overactivity of the pituitary gland. Can be caused by abuse of anabolic steroids. Acromegaly, chronic disease marked by overgrowth of hands, feet, and lower part of the face, resulting from excessive production of somatotropin, the growth-stimulating hormone. In many cases, oversecretion of the hormone can be traced to a tumor of the pituitary gland. Acromegaly is accompanied by progressive weakness and sometimes by diabetes mellitus; on occasion it occurs during lactation. The disease usually appears in adulthood and frequently affects more than one member of a family. Treatment consists of microsurgical removal of hyperfunction-ing tissue, pituitary irradiation, and drugs that suppress growth hormone. A similar disorder, gigantism, occurs in children, producing overgrowth of the long bones of the body. A deficiency in growth hormone production results in dwarfism, a condition marked by abnormally short bone development.

From French acromegalie : Greek akron, extremity, megas, megal-, big. Acrused Pentobarbital sodium and Phenobarbital.

Act of Parliament Colloquial term for beer. Actedrin Amfetamine sulfate. Actedron Amfetamine sulfate. Actemin Amfetamine phosphate. Acteminetas Amfetamine phosphate. ACTH-hormone Adrenocorticotropic hormone.

Acticarbine Phenobarbital.

Action 1. Colloquial term for purchase or sale of drugs. 2. Colloquial term for a drug happening. 3. Colloquial term for drugs in large quantities available.

Action Research A cyclical evaluation process where action or intervention is intentionally researched and modified, leading to the next stage of action which is then again intentionally examined for further change and so on, as the intervention develops and is further improved.

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