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Uses. Although the substance is banned from sports, some bodybuilders and other athletes use it. A rat study found augmented muscle protein among animals receiving the drug. Researchers have noted that chickens gain more weight when getting methandriol. Other researchers, however, found no weight alteration after giving the drug to mares daily for 18 months. The compound has been tested as a treatment for excessive menstrual bleeding, but results left investigators rather unimpressed.

Drawbacks. Methandriol can masculinize women's body signs and behavior, though to a lesser degree than many drugs of this type. Indeed, when tested on horses, no change was seen in mares' conduct. Nonetheless, women's voices can deepen, and facial hair can appear—effects that may be permanent. Among bodybuilders there is a claim that the drug feminizes men's body signs and behavior. Boys and girls receiving the drug may undergo premature sexual maturity and stop growing in height. Reduced fertility may occur in men. Unwanted effects can include acne, hair loss, and tissue swelling due to fluid retention. Researchers noted development of high blood pressure in rats that steadily dosed on methandriol for several weeks. The drug is not recommended for persons with high blood pressure, heart trouble, or prostate disorder. Methandriol is suspected of causing liver damage.

Abuse factors. Not enough scientific information to report on tolerance, dependence, withdrawal, or addiction.

Drug interactions. Not enough scientific information to report.

Cancer. Not enough scientific information to report.

Pregnancy. Pregnant women are supposed to avoid methandriol. Bisexual fetal development in rats has been attributed to the drug. Other research has

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