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Many sources of drug information are available. Some of the more reliable ones are listed here. A good strategy is to consult sources that take differing stands on the subject. In addition to objective scientific authorities noted below, authorities approaching drug use from different slants are noted. Each advocacy group noted below offers scientific information, but each tends to emphasize findings supporting the group's stance. By consulting groups taking different stances a more complete picture of a specific topic can emerge.

Unlike books, the content of Internet Web sites may change, as may the addresses of those sites. Such transformations are inherent to the Internet and part of its strength, and users of the World Wide Web must deal with those changes. Many of these print and electronic sources refer users to additional sources for more information about covered topics, so the references below are excellent guides that can direct persons to paths of information going as deeply as anyone would want to go into a particular aspect of a particular drug.

Internet Web sites listed here can be accessed free of charge. Some sites are particularly valuable for tracking information published in scientific journals. Summaries of these articles are often available directly on a site, and if a person looks up the original article in a library, that article will likely provide references to still more sources of scientific information about a substance. Many discoveries are detailed in these journal articles. They are a primary source of scientific information.

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