compound is used to treat delayed puberty in boys, increasing their height and weight. Turner's syndrome interferes with height and sexual maturation in girls, deficits that have improved with oxandrolone therapy.

Abuse factors. Sports competitors are forbidden to use the substance. Violation of the ban may risk punishment for nothing: Even though oxandrolone can promote muscle mass, a study examining users and nonusers of oxandro-lone found no difference between the two groups in muscle mass, strength, and general fitness. Athletes who abuse oxandrolone may suffer bad psychological effects. In one case a person became hyperactive and had racing thoughts. In another case someone abusing this and other steroids became suspicious of other people, rageful, and occasionally suicidal.

An addiction case report mentioned not only psychological craving for ox-androlone and other anabolic steroids but physical dependence as well. When the bodybuilder in question received a dose of a substance that provokes withdrawal symptoms in opiate addiction, he responded with classic opiate withdrawal signs.

Drug interactions. Oxandrolone can alter insulin needs of diabetics and boost actions of anti-blood clot medicines. The steroid can help rats survive an overdose of meprobamate or nicotine.

Cancer. Potential for causing cancer is unknown. A case report associates oxandrolone with development of colon cancer in a 27-year-old bodybuilder.

Pregnancy. Potential for causing birth defects is unknown. In animal studies testing oxandrolone at nine times the normal human dose, fetal injury has occurred, including introduction of male characteristics into a female fetus. Pregnant women are advised to avoid the drug. Oxandrolone's ability to pass into milk of nursing mothers is unknown.

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