Pronunciation: HAIR-oh-in (also pronounced HEAR-oh-in)

Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number: 561-27-3

Formal Names: Acetomorphine, Diacetylmorphine, Diamorphine

Informal Names: Agua de Chango, AIP, Al Capone, Alquitran, Alquitranat, Amsterdam Marble, Antifreeze, Aries, Aunt Hazel, Bad Seed, Ball, Ballot, BartSimpson, Beast, Big H, Big Harry, Birdie Powder, Black Pearl, Black Stuff, Black Tar, Blanca, Blanco, Blows, Blue Bag, Blunt, Bomb, Bombido, Bombita, Bombs Away, Bonita, Boy, Bozo, Brain Damage, Brea, Brick Gum, Broja, Brown, Brown Crystal, Brown Marijuana, Brown Rhine, Brown Sugar, Brown Tape, Bundle, Butu, Caballo, Caca, Calbo, Canade, Cap, Capital H, Carga, Carne, Chapopote, Charley, Chatarra, Cheese, Chicle, Chieva, China Cat, China White, Chinese Red, Chip, Chiva, Climax, Cocofan, Coffee, Cotics, Courage Pills, Crank, Crap, Crop, Crown Crap, Cura, Cut-Deck, Dava, Dead on Arrival, Deck (quantity), Deuce, Diesel, Dirt, DOA, Dog Food, Dogie, Doogie, Dooje, Doo-jee, Dooley, Dope, Dreck, Dr. Feelgood, Dugie, Duji, Dujie, Dust, Dyno, Dyno-Pure, Eighth, Estuffa, Ferry Dust, Flea Powder, Foil, Foo Foo Stuff, Foolish Powder, Fry Daddy (with crack), Furra, Galloping Horse, Gallup, Gamot, Garbage, Gato, George, Georgia Smack, Girl, Glacines, Glass, Gold, Golden Girl, Golpe, Goma, Good, Good & Plenty, Good H, Good Horse, Goofball (combination with cocaine), Gravy, H, H & C (with cocaine), H-Bomb (with MDMA), Hache, H Caps, Hairy, Hard, Hard Candy, Hard Stuff, Harry, Hazel, Heaven, Heaven Dust, Helen, Hell Dust, Henry, Hera, Hero, Heroina, Herone, Hero of the Underworld, Hessle, Him, Hombre, Hong-Yen, Horse, Horsebite, Hot Dope, HRN, Indian Pink, Iroini, Isda, Jee Gee, Jee Jee, Jerry Springer, Jive, Jive Doo Jee, Joharito, Jojee, Jones, Joy, Joy Flakes, Joy Powder, Junco, Junk, Kabayo, Karachi (with methaqualone and phenobarbital), Kompot, La Buena, LBJ, Lemonade, Little Bomb, Load (quantity), Malaysian Pink, Manteca, Matsakow, Mayo, Mexican, Mexican Brown, Mexican Horse, Mexican Mud, Mojo, Monkey Water, Moonrock (with crack cocaine), Morotgara, Mortal Combat, Mud, Murder 1 (with cocaine), Murotugora, Muzzle, Nanoo, New Jack Swing (with morphine), Nice & Easy, Noise, Nose, Nose Drops, Number 8, Number 4, Number 3, Nurse, Ogoy, Oil, Old Steve, Orange Line, Pack, Pangonadalot, Parachute (alone or with crack), P-Dope, Peg, Penang Pink, Perfect High, Perica, Perico, Persian, Persian Brown, P-Funk, Piedra, Poison, Polvo, Poppy, Powder, Predator, Preza, Primo (with cocaine), Pulborn, Punk Rocker (with assorted other substances), Pure, Quill, Racehorse Charlie, Ragweed, Rambo, Rane, Raw

Fusion, Raw Hide, Ready Rock, Red, Red Chicken, Red Eagle, Red Rock, Red Rock Opium (with barbital, caffeine, and strychnine), Red Rum (with barbital, caffeine, and strychnine), Red Stuff (with barbital, caffeine, and strychnine), Reindeer Dust, Rhine, Rufus, Sack, Salt, Scag, Scat, Scate, Schmeek, SCOT, Scott, Scramble, Second to None, Shit, Shmeck, Shoot, Shoot-Up, Silk, Skag, Skid, Skunk, Sleeper, Slime, Smack, Smoke (with crack cocaine), Smoking Gun (with cocaine), Snow, Snowball (with cocaine), Speedball (with cocaine or methylphenidate), Spider Blue, Spike, Spoon (quantity), Stuff, Sugar, Sweet Dreams, Sweet Jesus, Sweet Stuff, Tar, Taste, Tecata, Thanie, Thing, Thunder, Tigre, Tigre Blanco, Tigre del Norte, Tits, TNT, Tongs, Tootsie Roll, Vidrio, Whack (with PCP), White, White Boy, White Girl, White Junk, White Lady, White Nurse, White Stuff, Whiz Bang (with cocaine), Wicked, Wings, Witch, Witch Hazel, Z (quantity), Zoquete

Type: Depressant (opiate class). See page 22

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