Formal Names Methylbenzoylecgonine

Informal Names: All-American Drug, Angie, Applejacks, Aunt Nora, Baby T, Bad, Badrock, Ball, Barbs, Base, Baseball, Basuco, Bazooka, Bazulco, Beam, Beamer, Beans, Beat, Beautiful Boulders, Bebe, Beemer, Bernice, Bernie, Bernie's Flakes, Bernie's Gold Dust, Big Bloke, Big C, Big Flake, Big Rush, Bill Blass, Billie Hoke, Bings, Birdie Powder, Biscuit, B.J., Black Rock, Blanca, Blanco, Blast, Blotter, Blow, Blowcaine, Blowout, Blue, Bobo, Bolivian Marching Powder, Bollo, Bolo, Bomb, Bone, Bonecrusher, Boost, Botray, Boubou, Boulder, Boulya, Bouncing Powder, Boy, Bubble Gum, Bullia Capital, Bullyon, Bump, Bunk, Burese, Bur-nese, Bush, Butler, Butter, C, Cabello Cadillac, Caine, Cakes, California Cornflakes, Came, Canamo, Candy, Candy C, Cap, Capsula, Carnie, Carrie, Carrie Nation, Casper, Casper the Ghost, C-Dust, Cecil, C-Game, Chalk, Charlie, Chemical, Chewies, Chippy, Chocolate Ecstasy, Choe, Cholly, Climax, Cloud, Cloud 9, Coca, Coconut, Coco Rocks, Coke, Cola, Combol, Cookies, Coolie, Corine, Corrine, Corrinne, Crack, Crank, Crib, Crimmie, Croak, Crumbs, Crunch & Munch, Crystal, Cube, Dama Blanca, Demolish, Devil, Devil Drug, Devil's Dandruff, Devilsmoke, Dice, Dip, DOA, Double Bubble, Double Ups, Double Yoke, Dove, Dream, Duct, Dust, Eastside Player, Egg, Eightball, Esnortiar, Everclear, Eye Opener, Famous Dimes, 51, Fish Scales, Flake, Florida Snow, Foo Foo, Foolish Powder, Freeze, French Fries, Fries, Friskie Powder, Garbage Rock, Geek (with marijuana), Gift of the Sun, Gift of the Sun God, Gimmie (with marijuana), Gin, Girl, Girlfriend, Glad Stuff, Glo, Gold, Gold Dust, Golf Ball, Goofball (with heroin), Gravel, Green Gold, Gremmies (with marijuana), Grit, Groceries, G-Rock, H & C (with heroin), Hail, Half Track, Hamburger Helper, Happy Dust, Happy Powder, Happy Trails, Hard Ball, Hard Line, Hard Rock, Have a Dust, Haven Dust, Heaven, Heaven Dust, Hell, Henry VIII, Her, Hit, Hooter, Hotcakes, Hubba, Hunter, Ice, Ice Cube, Icing, Inca Message, Issues, Jam, Jejo, Jelly, Jelly Beans, Johnson, Joy Powder, Junk, King, King's Habit, Ko-kayeen, Kokomo, Kryptonite, Lady, Lady Caine, Lady Snow, Late Night, Leaf, Line, Love, Love Affair, Ma'a, Mama Coca, Marching Dust, Marching Powder, Mayo, Merck, Merk, Mixed Jive, Mojo, Monkey, Monster, Mosquitos, Movie Star Drug, Mujer, Murder 1 (with heroin), New Addition, Nieve, Nose, Nose

Candy, Nose Powder, Nose Stuff, Nuggets, Number 3, 151, Onion (quantity), Oyster Stew, Paradise, Paradise White, Parlay, Paste, Patico, Pearl, Pebbles, Pee Wee, Percia, Perico, Peruvian, Peruvian Flake, Peruvian Lady, P-Funk (crack cocaine mixed with PCP), Piece, Piedra, Piles, Pimp, Pimp's Drug, Pipero, Polvo Blanco, Pony, Potato Chips, Powder, Powder Diamonds, Press, Prime Time, Primo, Product, Quill, Racehorse Charley, Rane, Raw, Ready Rock, Red Caps, Regular P, Rest in Peace, Roca, Rock, Rock Attack, Rocks of Hell, Rooster, Rox, Roxanne, Roz, Rush, Schmeck, Schoolboy, Schoolcraft, Scorpion, Scottie, Scotty, Scrabble, Scramble, Scruples, Serpico 21, 7-Up, Shabu, She, Sherm, Sightball, Slab, Sleet, Sleigh Ride, Smoke, Smoking Gun (with heroin), Snowball (with heroin), Snow Bird, Snowcone, Snow Seals (with amphetamine), Snow White, Society High, Soda, Space Base (crack mixed with PCP), Space Cadet (crack with PCP), Space Dust (crack with PCP), Speed, Speedball (with heroin), Speedboat (crack with PCP and marijuana), Square Time Bob, Squirrel (crack with PCP and marijuana), Star, Star Dust, Star-Spangled Powder, Stones, Studio Fuel, Sugar, Sugar Block, Sweet Stuff, Swell Up, T, Talco, Tardust, Teenager, Teeth, Tension, Thing, Tissue, Toot, Top Gun, Topo, Tornado, Toss Up, Tragic Magic (crack with PCP), Trails, Troop, Turkey, Tweaks, 24-7,20 Rock, Ultimate, Wave, Whack, White Ball, White Dragon, White Ghost, White Girl, White Horse, White Lady, White Mosquito, White Powder, White Sugar, White Tornado, Whiz Bang, Wicky Stick (crack with marijuana and PCP), Wild Cat (with methcathinone), Wings, Witch, Wooly (crack with marijuana), Wrecking Crew, Yahoo, Yale, Yayoo, Yeaho, Yeah-O, Yeyo, Yimyom, Zip

Type: Stimulant (cocaine class). See page 17

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