Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number 72446

Formal Names: Dormutil, Hyminal, Mandrax, Melsed, Melsedin, Mequelone, Me-quin, Methadorm, Mozambin, Optimil, Parest, Quaalude, Revonal, Somnafac, Sopor, Toquilone Compositum, Triador, Tuazole

Informal Names: Bandits, Beiruts, Blou Bulle, Blue Bulls, Drunken Monkey, Ew-ings, Flamingos, Flowers, Four Strokes, Genuines, Germans, Golfsticks, Humbles, Knoppies, Lizards, Loss of Memory, Love Drug, Ludes, Luds, Lula, Magwheels, Mandies, Mind Benders (with heroin), Pressouts, Pupumala, Q, Randy Mandies, 714, Shiny Tops, Sopes, Sporos, Strawberries, Wagon Wheels, White Pipe (Mandrax and marijuana)

Type: Depressant. See page 19

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