Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number 50373 Formal Names Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

Informal Names: A, Acid, Acido, Angel Tears, Animal, Backbreaker (combined with strychnine), Barrel, Battery Acid, Beast, Beavis & Butthead, Big D, Bird-head, Black Acid, Black Star, Black Sunshine, Black Tab, Blotter, Blotter Acid, Blotter Cube, Blue Acid, Blue Barrel, Blue Chair, Blue Cheer, Blue Heaven, Blue Microdot, Blue Mist, Blue Moon, Blue Vial, Boomer, Brown Bombers, Brown Dots, California Sunshine, Cap, Chief, Chocolate Chips, Cid, Coffee, Conductor, Contact Lens, Crackers, Crystal Tea, Cubes, Cupcakes, D, Deeda, Delysid, Domes, Doses, Dots, Double Dome, Electric Kool Aid, Ellis Day, Elvis, Felixthe Cat, Fields, Flash, Flat Blues, Ghost, God's Flesh, Golden Dragon, Goofy, Grape Parfait, Green Double Domes, Green Single Dome, Green Wedge, Grey Shields, Hats, Hawaiian Sunshine, Hawk, Haze, Head Light, Heavenly Blue, Instant Zen, L, Lason Sa Daga, LBJ, Leary's, Lens, Lime Acid, Little Smoke, Live Spit and Die, Logor, Loony Toons, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Mellow Yellow, Mickey, Microdot, Mighty Quinn, Mind Detergent, One Way, Optical Illusion, Orange Barrel, Orange Cube, Orange Haze, Orange Micro, Orange Wedge, Owsley, Owsley's Acid, Pane, Paper Acid, Peace, Peace Tablet, Pearly Gates, Pellet, Pink Blotter, Pink Panther, Pink Robot, Pink Wedge, Pink Witch, Potato, Pure Love, Purple Barrel, Purple Flat, Purple Haze, Purple Heart, Purple Ozoline, Rainbow, Recycle, Red Lips, Royal Blue, Russian Sickle, Sacrament, Sandoz, Smear, Snowman, Squirrel, Strawberry, Strawberry Fields, Sugar, Sugar Cubes, Sugar Lumps, Sunshine, Superman, Tab, Tail Light, Ticket, Trip, 25, Valley Dolls, Vodka Acid, Wedding Bells, Wedge, White Dust, White Lightning, White Owsley, Window Glass, Window Pane, Yellow, Yellow Dimples, Yellow Sunshine, Ying Yang, Zen, Zig Zag Man

Type: Hallucinogen. See page 25

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