physical well-being is typical among individuals engaged in self-destruction. A study of ketobemidone overdose deaths in Denmark was revealing in that respect as well; victims often had blood alcohol levels that would be fatal in themselves.

Drug interactions. A study comparing commercial intravenous pharmaceutical formats found morphine to be only half as strong as a combination product containing one part ketobemidone and five parts of a drug called A29. The latter drug is used to fight spasms. Experiments with rats and mice indicate that A29 boosts ketobemidone's pain-relieving effect, so the human research comparing the combination to morphine does not mean that keto-bemidone alone is stronger than morphine. The same study did find, however, that when doses were adjusted for equivalent strength, the ketobemidone-A29 combination was still more effective at pain relief than morphine.

Cancer. Not enough scientific information to report.

Pregnancy. The drug passes into human milk. Based on a small number of cases involving 5,000 micrograms of ketobemidone given during childbirth, one study estimated that breast-fed infants would receive under 2 micrograms of ketobemidone from their first day's milk.

Additional scientific information may be found in:

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